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Improve Spanish & Discover New Skills at the Most Unique Boarding Schools in Costa Rica!

If you are looking to study in Costa Rica for international students, look no further! Our flexible enrollment and focus on personal development make Wonder Away the perfect choice.

As long as you are between the ages of 14-18 and completing a high school curriculum online, you qualify for acceptance to our Study Abroad program!

Traditional boarding schools in Costa Rica typically require a full year commitment, whereas Wonder Away offers a variety of enrollment opportunities!


When you come to study in Costa Rica for international students, some of your time will be dedicated to the Monkey Park, a wildlife rescue and permaculture, as well as volunteering.

This is not a zoo! Learn all about rehabilitating wildlife back into nature. Help with feeding and caring for animals, constructing new enclosures, and preserving their habitat.

Sleep under the stars while sharing a beautiful beach with turtles! Work side by side with experts as you collect data on the nesting procedures for mother turtles and their babies.

Learn how to build treehouses, eco-homes, bathrooms and cooking ovens from natural materials. Courses on building tree houses with simple and effective ways to conserve energy, water, and resources.

Build greenhouses to grow fruits and vegetables. Raise cows, pigs, and chickens. Create organic oils, soaps and more. Discover how to turn waste into life through composting.

Promote cultural, educational, and labor opportunities as well as mental/physical health and social cohesion for local youth coming from poor backgrounds in our community.

Join a community project dedicated to preserving our local beaches. Removing natural debris and garbage promotes a healthy environment for turtle nesting.

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“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

– Theodore Roosevelt


Students enrolled in either the 12 or 18-week program may join the organized athletic clubs of La Paz Community School. Students staying 4-8 weeks may practice with the teams but will not be allowed to participate in organized competitions.

Other sports available without organized competition are surfing, scuba, free diving, tennis, golf, baseball, skateboarding, yoga, tennis, pickle ball, sailing, and biking.

Basketball Soccer Swimming



Accredited teachers are available for students that need additional help. Each core class will have a 2-hour block scheduled once a week. Students can go into the classroom and receive one-on-one tutoring.


Schooldays will be Friday-Monday. By having our “weekends” on Tuesday-Thursday, we will avoid big crowds when visiting national parks, beaches, and popular attractions. Hotels are less expensive during the week, making our overnight getaways more affordable.



Our goal is direct and straightforward… Strengthen professional development while navigating a new life in Costa Rica. Participants will be introduced to experiences that focus on personal growth and newly discovered passions. Several of our courses offer certifications that are globally recognized, leading to future employment and career opportunities.

Completing a transfer has never been easier! As long as you are completing an online curriculum, there is no change of schools or transfer of credits. You simply continue with their current online program.

These are available for purchase and include adventure trips to a variety of destinations, daily activities/tours, and extended programs in language, health, fitness, sports, sailing, and scuba diving.

Once a week, we will visit some of Costa Rica’s hidden gems! This can be national parks, surrounding beaches, hikes to waterfalls, overnight camping trips at turtle nesting beaches, volcano camping, boat tours, etc.

Students will have a staff member present 24 hours a day. All Wonder Away events and extra-curricular activities will be supervised by staff and trained professionals. Flamingo Campus has 24-hour surveillance and an overnight security guard on property.


A new travel culture bridging tourism and local communities to create lifetime experiences in Costa Rica. Boasting 30 thrilling experiences at each of our locations with our featured destination the Tamarindo vacation package.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica
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