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Our Commitment to Provide Equal Opportunities for All Students

We believe that no student should be turned away due to financial reasons. In an effort to promote inclusion, a percentage of all proceeds will be contributed to the Sponsorship Fund.

The application process will inquire about the ability to pay program fees, which will determine if a student qualifies for the Sponsorship Fund. This information is strictly confidential.

The Sponsorship Fund pledges to enroll one student, chosen at random, for every five paid participants in each program.

If you would like to sponsor a child or make a contribution, we accept donations of any size. 100% of these resources will be directly applied to a student’s sponsorship fees.


Wonder Away is focused on finding purposeful endeavors to create compelling volunteer campaigns in Costa Rica.

We continually search for diverse programs, foundations, and community service projects to collaborate with.

If your project needs lodging for your volunteers, our campuses provide everything and are located near some of the best beaches in Guanacaste.

We work closely with high schools, universities, corporations, and retreats that are interested in joining our cause.

volunteer in costa rica with animals


Volunteer at the garden of Monkey Park Foundation and learn about Permaculture.

One Day: US$ 50*

*Includes: Tent + Toilets + Kitchen + Lunch

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela


Earn Free Programs When You Get Involved With Your Local Community!

TEACHERS looking for additional income can become a Collaborator by organizing trips for your school or by applying for a position on our team.

STUDENTS can be Influencers by getting their classmates enrolled in exchange for credits that will be applied towards their program fees.  

PARENTS can sign up as a Chaperon which allows you to attend your child’s trip and also helps cover program fees.


Donations Accelerate Programs for Students & Improve Quality of Life for Rescued Animals!

Wonder Away and Monkey Park share a 60-acre property in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This is where the community garden and wildlife rescue center are located.

The two student/volunteer campuses are located about 10 miles from the park, one in Tamarindo and the other in Flamingo.

Between these three properties, there are numerous projects currently under construction as well as a variety of proposals for the future.

A large percentage of our proceeds are divided and applied towards these initiatives, with the majority of the funds going towards priorities that are most needed.

Each venture requires different sums of money, as well as tools, supplies, transportation, and other needs.

Here you can find all the proposals and see the different ways you can make a donation today!


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Tamarindo, Costa Rica
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