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Volunteer Work in Costa Rica for Future Leaders of the World

Local Ambassadors is a community service in Costa Rica program for anyone between the ages of 14-23 years old and living in the country.

This volunteer work in Costa Rica is conducted at a vibrant permaculture, wildlife rescue center, and turtle conservation project that focuses on education and sustainability.


This is not a zoo! Learn all about rehabilitating wildlife back into nature. Help with feeding and caring for animals, constructing new enclosures, and preserving their habitat.

Sleep under the stars while sharing a beautiful beach with turtles! Work side by side with experts as you collect data on mother turtles, their babies and beach preservation for nesting.

Learn how to build treehouses, eco-homes, bathrooms and cooking ovens from natural materials. Courses on building tree houses with simple and effective ways to conserve energy, water, and resources.

Build greenhouses to grow fruits and vegetables. Raise cows, pigs, and chickens. Create organic oils, soaps and more. Discover how to turn waste into life through composting.

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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall


As a Local Ambassador, you will receive a variety of benefits and opportunities after completing your community service in Costa Rica.

Being a Local Ambassador allows you to travel as a host on Foreign Exchange trips, helping international students from around the world as they explore new places and learn about your life in Costa Rica. 

Foreign Exchange
Study Abroad


For those that can not afford to pay the fees of a program, please apply for our Sponsorship Fund. If you would like to help, we accept donations of all kinds, big or small.

Local Ambassadors receive discounted prices on nearly all Wonder Away programs!


As part of our Sponsorship Fund, for every FIVE programs sold, ONE lucky Local Ambassador’s name will be drawn to travel as a host for free!


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