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A Brighter Tomorrow With Costa Rica Volunteer Programs

We created unique volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica. Join our vibrant permaculture, wildlife rescue center, and turtle conservation projects to discover “Pura Vida”

volunteer in costa rica with animals

Volunteer at the garden of Monkey Park Foundation and learn about Permaculture.

One Day: US$ 50*

*Includes: Tent + Toilets + Kitchen + Lunch


Regardless of which theme you choose from our list of Costa Rica volunteer programs, everyone will experience the volunteer highlights as a team.

This is not a zoo! Only trained professionals are allowed to interact with wild animals inside the rescue center. We assist Monkey Park by preparing food for the animals and cleaning/maintaining walking trails

Sleep under the stars while sharing a beautiful beach with turtles! Work side by side with experts as you collect data on mother turtles, their babies and beach preservation for nesting.

Learn how to build treehouses, eco-homes, bathrooms and cooking ovens from natural materials. Courses on building tree houses with simple and effective ways to conserve energy, water, and resources.

Build greenhouses to grow fruits and vegetables. Raise cows, pigs, and chickens. Create organic oils, soaps and more. Discover how to turn waste into life through composting.

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“You’ll never get bored when you try something new. There is no limit to what you can do.”

– Dr. Seuss

Volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica for anyone between the ages of 14-23 years old and living in the country. Includes the 72hr Community Service Award from the MINAE. Ambassadors may travel as a host on Foreign Exchange programs and qualify for a chance to win free trips!

For international students between the ages of 14 to 23 years old living outside of Costa Rica, our Foreign Exchange trips operate during spring and summer breaks. We offer a variety of different themes and adventures that are combined with volunteering service.

High School

Any High School student that is completing school online may continue their curriculum at our Flamingo Campus and study abroad in Costa Rica.

Those who are 18-23 years of age, regardless of being a registered student or not, may enroll in the University program at our Tamarindo Campus.

Whether you are a child or adult, large group or individual, visiting or living here, Wonder Away has volunteer and educational opportunities for literally anyone and everyone.

4 hr educational tour with animal feeding; 8 am or 1 pm

$40; Child $30 (4-12 yrs).

3 service days at GWF, 2 adventure tours


12 service days at GWF, 5 adventure tours, 2 overnight destination tours


40 service days at GWF, 9 adventure tours, 4 overnight destination tours



Volunteering has its advantages and there are numerous benefits from participating in one of our programs.

Amazing applications
Volunteer Service
Learn Spanish
New Friends
Costa Rica Happy Culture

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